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How To Teach A Child To Give A Treat To A Dog

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How to give a dog a treat?

Have the treat in the fist. Ask the dog to do something. Then give the treat. Have an open hand so the dog licks it off the palm rather than tries to bite it out of your fingers. Don’t give a dog a treat that is biting at you or is super excited.

Teaching you child to reward your dog:

You want your child(ren) to be able to interact with your dog on all levels and even help train. Because treats can be exciting for your dog, it is important to teach your child the steps above to help keep your dog from biting while taking the treat. Remember that some dogs generalize better than others, so if your dog takes treats appropriately from you doesn’t automatically mean they will do so from your child. Always supervise dog-child interactions.

You can also instruct your child to throw the treat to the dog to prevent the dog from biting.

Make sure to teach your dog to take treats nicely. Here are our steps for teaching your dog to take treats nicely.