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How To Teach A Dog To Go To Bed: Step One

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How To Teach A Dog To Go To Bed: Step One

  1. Have your dog in front of their bed.
  2. Throw some treats on their bed as you say “Bed”
  3. When your dog goes over throw some more treats and praise her.
  4. As soon as she is done eating the treats, give her the release command.
  5. She cannot leave the bed without the release.
  6. Do this about 6-12 times.

What is the “on your bed” command?

When you don’t want your dog begging in the dining room, or know guest are coming you may want your dog to go to his “area” and stay until you are ready to release him. Your dog needs to know what that area is. The first step in teaching your dog to go to bed is to teach your dog the name that is associated with the bed, in this case, we call it bed, but you can do rug, spot or anything you want. In the beginning, you are just trying to form the association with the bed and the name. Be patient and remember that it may take some dogs longer to make this connection.