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How To Teach A Dog To Go To Bed: Step Three

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Teach the “Go To Bed Command”: Adding distance

  1. Once your dog starts hanging out on the bed longer, start adding distance.
  2. You eventually want to be able to walk away from the bed and have him stay there until you release.
  3. You also want to practice with sending him to the bed when people are at the door.

Adding distance when command the “go to bed” command?

Once your dog is staying longer and longer on the bed, practice walking away from the bed. The goal is to have your dog remain in his area and be able to go on with your business. Start with low distractions and as your do to learns add more, such as visitors. Since this command revolves around the dog’s bed or designated area, practicing it outside of that environment is not helpful. So generalization is about adding to the preexisting environment, noise, people, or food.

This is a wonderful command for when people are coming in and out of your house! When people come to your house, tell your dog “Go To Bed” so that you will be able to let people in and greet everyone without your dog jumping all over your guests. This also works if you have a package that is being delivered and you do not want your dog underfoot. Use the “Go To Bed” command when the dog is begging at the table or is perhaps being a little needy.