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Teach Your Dog To Like Being Groomed

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How to teach your dog to like being groomed?

Even if you do not have a foo-foo dog, you need to train your dog and puppy to be okay with being groomed. Start off slowly. Maybe just being pet. Then introduce a brush and let your dog sniff it. Then use the back side of the brush to brush the dog. Then slowly use the bristles. Practice in different situations and environments as dogs do not generalize. Make sure to practice touching the face and holding on to it. You need to be able to look into ears and into mouths without struggling.

Why Regular Bathing and Grooming Is So Important for Your Pup

Most dogs would rather roll around in the mud than do anything else. To keep your dog healthy and well, though, it’s important to keep him clean every once in a while. An important step to doing that is ensuring he’s groomed and bathed regularly. Here’s why it’s so important to make sure you take your dog in for regular grooming and bathing.

You Can Keep Skin Healthy With Brushing

Brushing your dog’s hair is great for his skin. Not only does it make his locks look silky and smooth, but it also helps remove dead skin, dirt, dandruff and more from his body. Try brushing him daily or every other day at home so that the groomer doesn’t face too much of a tangled mess when your pooch arrives, and so that you give your dog that little bit of skin health boost.

You Can Remove Mats

When your dog’s hair gets matted, it tugs on his skin and hurts. A groomer can find mats and remove them, which will alleviate this discomfort.

You Can Keep Dogs Cool

For dogs with lots of hair, grooming can help remove any excess layers. That will help keep dogs cool during the hot months, which makes being outside much more comfortable for them. If you remove the hair for the summer, then the hair will grow back in for the winter – providing them with an extra layer of fuzz while it snows.

You Can Trim Nails

Groomers also have the opportunity to trim a dog’s nails. Keeping a dog’s nails short is important in order to avoid infection and pain. Trimming a dog’s nails also ensures that your dog does not accidentally scratch you or tear up furniture. One thing to note is that if your dog is super active and running around all the time, there is a chance he has properly worn down his nails on his own and that he won’t need his nails trimmed while he’s being groomed.

You Can Spot Abnormalities

One of the best ways to find abnormalities that you otherwise can’t see on a dog’s skin is by grooming. Groomers who are up close and personal with a dog’s body can spot things like ticks, fleas, infections, inflammation and more. If your groomer spots something off with your dog’s skin, take your dog to the vet to get it looked at. Your vet can check and make sure that the abnormalities aren’t signs of something more serious, like Cushing’s Disease or skin cancer. If your dog does have a disease like Cushing’s, your vet can prescribe medicine, like Vetoryl, to help.

You Can Get Rid of Parasites

When you bathe your dog, you can get rid of pesky parasites like ticks and fleas. Bathing also helps you get rid of germs and dirt that your dog encountered outside.

Grooming and bathing your dog might not be his favorite experience — but it’s important for keeping him looking and feeling good. With regular trips to the groomer, you can ensure that your dog continues to feel great and has tons of energy to roll in the mud as soon as he gets home.