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Teach Your Dog To Like Being Groomed

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How to teach your dog to like being groomed?

Even if you do not have a foo-foo dog, you need to train your dog and puppy to be okay with being groomed. Start off slowly. Maybe just being pet. Then introduce a brush and let your dog sniff it. Then use the back side of the brush to brush the dog. Then slowly use the bristles. Practice in different situations and environments as dogs do not generalize. Make sure to practice touching the face and holding on to it. You need to be able to look into ears and into mouths without struggling.

Ruby Smith is the creator and writer of Pet So Fun. Her mission is to develop a pet-friendly environment, and she strives to promote this in all her posts. Her work reflects her sense of responsibility and passion towards the well-being of animals.

How to Teach Your Dog to Like Being Groomed?

The best time to get your dog used to the grooming experience is during her early years. Grooming a puppy is easier than doing the same thing with an adult dog. A new puppy is a whole bunch of excitement. So, grooming is the last thing that comes to mind during such times, but it is an important thing to consider. You are not just teaching your puppy to like being groomed; you are teaching them to like being handled. Your puppy will be handled by children, vets, and strangers and you want them to at least tolerate it. But, it is not too late to help your older dog to enjoy being groomed.

So how to teach your dog to like being groomed?

It’s important that you adopt positive methods to introduce tools like clippers and brushes to your pet. The grooming process involves handling the dog differently. And at such times, it helps if she isn’t scared or irritated by the look of the whole thing.
You can begin grooming your dog as you as you bring him or her home.

How to teach your dog to like being groomed? Five useful tips.

Take it slow:

Nothing good ever comes from going too fast. Whatever you’re planning to do first, start by doing it slowly. For example, if you want to know how to get a dog used to brushing, then brush only for a minute or two daily. A couple of short brushes on a regular basis are more than enough to get your dog used to the process.

Only indulge in something like this when your pet is in a relaxed state of mind. Brush his coat gently without drawing too much attention. And while doing it, don’t forget to praise and pat him all along. Give treats to help him, or her, form a better association with being brushed. Slowly increase the length of the brushing. Over time your dog will not mind being brushed.

Use distractions:

Let’s say you want to give your dog a bath using the good smelling dog shampoo you purchased a few days ago. But you can’t just go about bathing your pet without any chaos. The only way to keep your puppy or dog well-behaved during the grooming process is to use distractions.

What you can do is distract your dog by placing a treat in front of her eyes during the bath. Once you’re done, reward her with a treat.
While doing this, you are not just distracting your dog; you’re also teaching her to associate bathing with positivity and rewards. And that sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn’t it?

Also, this should answer the most frequently asked question. How to get your dog to enjoy baths? You can also use toys and lots of pets.

Hit the comfortable zones:

First, you need to find out what your dog’s secure spots are. If he likes being brushed in his shoulders and not hindquarters, then stick to the shoulders. The goal is to introduce the brushing concept by targeting the soft spots. Then gradually move on to the problematic areas.

Once again, offer treats during the process. You can also use positive, soothing language instead of treats to reward your dog. When you praise your pet at such times, he doesn’t react aggressively once you turn to his more troubled spots.

Practice is essential:

If you want to know how to teach your dog to like being groomed, then don’t give up after a failed attempt. Practicing new techniques takes some time. But you’ll be able to achieve the goals faster if you keep at it two to three times per week. More often than not, that’s all it takes for your pet to become tolerable to the process.

Over the span of two weeks, keep increasing the duration of every session. Even if it takes longer to do that, don’t be disheartened. The primary aim is to move forward, no matter how slow. And don’t forget to remain consistent and positive throughout.

Be gentle and kind:

As a dog owner, I can tell you that the precious creatures respond better to positivity and kindness. Even more so than discipline!
So, trying to force the dog to accept bathing or brushing by restraining him is a horrible idea. You shouldn’t physically dominate him or use high, angry tones around him during such times. What this does is result in the dog associating the grooming process with negative feelings. It will only make the condition worse over time.

So, if you want to teach your dog to tolerate every bit of the grooming procedure, then be gentle and kind. You must make him feel that brushing or bathing is not scary or dangerous. And you can do that by associating the experience with a treat or praise.

That’s about it!

It’s easier said than done. Grooming a dog may be hard at first. But once she gets used to it, it’s a cake walk!

Just remember to remain calm if you want your pet to do the same. Praising the little one goes a long way, trust me. So don’t forget to maintain that positive tone throughout the grooming procedure.