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Teach Any Dog A Reliable Come: Step Two

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How to remove treats out of “come” training session

You need to make sure your dog is not dependent on treats when teaching him a reliable “come” command. Instead use praise and life rewards. Releasing your dog after calling him over is best reward that you can do. This way the dog learns, sometimes mom or dad calls me over to just check in. This does not mean my fun is over. Start increasing the distance between you and your dog when commanding “come”. This is not the time to include distractions. Continue to minimize distractions to help your dog focus on you and the training.

Always praise your dog for coming to you. Even if you had to call him multiple times. Many times I see people reprimand their dog once they come to their owner. Dogs live in the moment; he does not understand that you are upset about something that happened before he came over to you. He only understands that you are upset when he came to you. Instead of getting upset, do a small praise and then practice “come” commands from a shorter distance. Also, make sure that you are not expecting your dog to come to you when they are engaged in a fun or interesting activity. Again this is where a low distraction environment comes into play.