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Teach Any Dog A Reliable Come: Rover Come Over Game

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How to teach your dog a reliable come?

Start this game by having two people on the opposite sides of a room or a hallway. Take turns calling the dog over. This is a great way to burn off a lot of your dog’s energy and practice recall with your dog. He thinks coming to his person is fun while learning to come when he is called. To add some difficulty to the game, go into different rooms and call your dog. This way the dog cannot see you and has to find you.

Why teach Rover Come Over Game?

This game is so much fun to play with your dog. It helps him learn to respond better when you are calling him while giving him an outlet for his energy. It can be a great option to do right before a walk, so your dog is not as wild and you can practice loose leash walking with him. Rover Come Over is wonderful if the weather is bad outside and you and your dog just don’t want to be outside.