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How to Teach Your Dog to Skateboard

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What fun tricks can your dog learn? Skateboarding!

Start off by introducing your dog to the skateboard. You want to buy one that is large enough for him to stand on. You will need plenty of treats of treats to help him learn this trick.

Then start off by luring him onto the board. You want your dog to just get the front paws on the skateboard. Give lots of treats and praise.

Then lure his whole body onto the board. Once your dog can stand comfortably on the skateboard begin to push the board around to get your dog used to the movement. Start off slowly with short distance and then increase the distance.

Teach him to move the skateboard by having two or three legs on the board and have him follow a treat around. The dog should pick up that the board moves when he pushes it and that he gets treats.

Note: King is an older gentleman, so the last part is hard for him to do, hence why I don’t have him actually skateboarding. Always make sure your dog is comfortable with what you are asking him to do before starting to train.