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Teach A Dog To Stay By Adding Distractions

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Teach your dog to stay during distractions

1. When your dog is really consistent with his stays, it is a lot of fun to start adding distractions.
2. You can “accidentally” drop treats in front of him or squeak a toy.
3. You can bounce a ball or tease him with a toy.
4. I like to have him in a stay during tug-of-war.
5. His reward for staying is that he gets to tug on the toy when I release him.

How to add distractions when commanding stay?

Once your dog has mastered stay you can add distractions to help him generalize this command. Start with low-level distractions such as toys at home and move slowly onto larger distractions such as playing fetch at the dog park. Move at a pace that is comfortable for your dog. Remember that the best reward when commanding stay is then releasing your dog from the command.

Be very patient with your dog. He will probably break the stay the first couple of times. Just start all over again. Make sure he does not get to the distraction.