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Teach Your Dog To Take Treats Nicely

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How to teach a dog to take treats nicely:

ALWAYS supervise your child with your dog. Until your dog can take treats nicely from your hand, teach your child to either throw the treat at the dog or to give it with an open hand.

1. If your dog is biting too hard, make sure to not release the treat.
2. You will get bit and scratched on your hand, but it’s a sacrifice you have to make to teach your dog to have a soft mouth.
3. Cover the treat with your thumb so your dog can’t get to it.
4. I usually wait for them to lick my fingers and then release the treat.
5. If they are jumping at the hand or biting the hand I pull my hand away.
6. There is no need to give a command because you want your dog to do this every time without being told to be gentle.
7. For additional practice, you can hand feed your dog their dinner.

Teaching your dog to take treats softly:

With so many dogs being put down because of bites, it is important to teach your dog to take treats nicely from your hand. The excitement of getting a yummy treat might be just too much for your dog and he might accidentally take a little bit more than you were planning on giving him.

Make sure that your child is either throwing the treat at the dog or is giving it with an open hand. You have to supervise and teach your child how to give treats to your dog to prevent your child from getting bit.

Be patient with your dog. This can take a lot of time to learn for them. Plus this requires a lot of self-control from them and if your dog is really young it might take a lot more for them. Try to make sure to exercise him or her before training to get treats nicely.