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Teach Your Dog To Lay Down: Step Three

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How to remove all visual prompts while teaching the “lay down” command?

The most important step in basic obedience, is to make sure your dog knows the commands without you luring or prompting them in some way. Circumstances can arrive where you are unable to use hand gestures or visual contact with your dog. Example if the dog’s back is to you, he won’t be able to see your hand gestures and follow the command.

Once your dog is consistent with down with a hand prompt, say the command “Down” and just wait. Your dog should be anticipating a hand prompt and should lay down. Make a HUGE deal about this! However, if your dog does not lay after say 5 seconds, give the hand prompt and try again.

This is very important for your dog to learn. You want your dog to lay down without you prompting. Like if you are coming home and carrying groceries and your dog is jumping up on you, you could tell him “Down” so that he is no longer jumping on you and is laying nicely.