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How To Teach A Dog To Go To Bed: Step Two

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How To Teach A Dog To Go To Bed: Step Two

  1. Your dog should start hanging out in the bed longer while waiting for treats.
  2. Look for the moments after she is done eating and looks at you.
  3. Throw some more treats.
  4. Wait for her to look at you and then release.
  5. If she lays down in bed, you should through a ton of treats.
  6. Start increasing how long you want her in the bed.
  7. Start feeding your dog on their bed.
  8. Say go to bed when you see her go to bed naturally.

How to get your dog to stay on her bed when teaching “go to bed”?

For the second step on the Go To Bed command, you want to start having your dog just stay on the bed. To do this begin by throwing more and more treats onto the bed. You can ask your dog to lay down while he or she is there. If the dog or puppy tries to leave, just do the “Ah-Ah” and have them go back to the bed. This time though, keep him on the bed for a shorter time and build back up to longer stretches. Minimize distractions at this point to help training be more successful and rewarding for both of you.