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How To Teach “Quite”

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How to teach your dog the quite command?

1. Get your dog to start barking. You can ring the doorbell, knock on the door or bark at your dog.
2. Say “quiet” and put a treat right by their nose. This stops the barking momentarily.
3. Give the treat right away.
4. Repeat.
5. Slowly start increasing the length of time between saying “Quiet” and when they get the treat.
6. After about 6 to 12 trials put the treat away.

How to stop barking by teaching quite?

The doorbell rings, the mailman knocks on the door or a motorcycle drives by sending your dog into a barking frenzy. To begin teaching “quiet” by getting your dog to bark, ringing the doorbell or knocking. Once your dog is barking, simply say “Quiet” and put a treat by his nose. Your dog should stop barking (even for a second) to sniff the treat. Say “Good” and give him the treat. Repeat the exercise 6-12 more times, each time waiting longer between saying “Quite” and giving the treat. After 6-12 trials put the treats away. You don’t want your dog to get dependent on treats. Repeat the exercise without the treats but keep praising!

Dogs bark to communicate with you. You want to allow your dog to alert you when something is happening, you just want him to stop barking once you have dealt with the situation.