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Easiest Way To Teach Any Dog To Sit: Step Three

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Teach any dog how to sit on command: step three

The most important step in basic obedience is to make sure your dog knows the commands without you luring or prompting them in some way.

Once your dog is consistent with sitting with a hand prompt, say the command “Sit” and just wait. Your dog should be anticipating a hand prompt and should sit. Make a HUGE deal about this! However, if your dog does not sit after say 5 seconds, give the hand prompt and try again.

Why is removing all visual prompts and treats important?

We don’t always have the luxury to have our dogs eyes on us or have lures handy when needing a command followed. Your dog needs to be able to hear the command and follow it without any other prompts or lures. This is very important for your dog to learn. If your dog is running away from you, the best way to get your dog to come back is to actually ask her to “sit”. You might have to yell it to her, but if your dog has learned the command sit without a hand prompt, she should easily sit and stop running.

Watch the video above for the steps you can take to teach your dog to follow your voice without any other aid. Remember practice is key and always praise for the wanted behavior!