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Teach Any Dog To Leave A Distraction: Step One

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Teach a dog to leave a distraction and look at you: step one

1. Have your dog on leash.
2. It should be short enough for you to easily reach the dog’s nose.
3. Have a treat in your other hand that the dog really likes.
4. Now let’s find something to distract your dog with.
5. It is good to start with a small pile of low level treats in front of the dog. Right out of his reach.

Getting ready to learn “leave it.”

Your dog’s curious nose can lead it to pick up some unfavorable things, such as garbage or even road kill, the mouth soon follows to explore. This can be dangerous for your dog on top of nuisance. Broken glass, skunks and poisons are only a few of the hazards that can put your dog in danger, so “leave it” is a very important command. The “leave it” command can be so versatile and used in many occasions. You are literally asking your dog to ignore something, this can be an animal, person or food on your table.

You want to teach “Leave it” on leash because you want to make sure that your dog does not get to what they are trying to get to. Hold the leash short enough for you to easily reach your dog’s nose. Put some treats just out of her reach. Make sure to have another treat in your hand that is the same or higher value than what your dog is trying to get.