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Teach Any Dog To Leave A Distraction: Step Three

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Teach a dog to leave a distraction and look at you: step three

1. Once your dog is “leaving” the distraction on leash, start having her leave other things.
2. You can practice with another dog, a person or even a smell.
3. Anything your dog is distracted by when you need her to focus on you.
4. You might have to do each new thing on leash first and then practice without the leash.

Finalizing the “leave it” command.

If your dog has mastered the “leave it” command while on leash with treats, you can now move on to other distractions. Remember that this command is used to teach your dog to ignore something interesting on command, this can be anything or anyone. It is also a good way to get your dog to focus on you. With all new distraction practicing them first on leash may be necessary, before removing the leash. Remember dogs can’t generalize so this command must be practiced in all environments.