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Teach Any Dog To Leave A Distraction: Step Two

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Teach a dog to leave a distraction and look at you: step two

1. Have your dog focus on the distraction.
2. I use a pile of treats right out of his reach.
3. Put the hand with a better treat right by his nose and lead him away from the distraction.
4. Say “Leave It” or “Look at me”
5. The goal is for the dog to to turn their back on the distraction and look at you.

Once you have all you tools, (treats, leash and dog) ready you can begin to give the “leave it” command. Watch Teach Any Dog to Leave a Distraction: Step One to learn about the importance of this command and how to prepare.

Giving the “leave it” command.

Get your dog to focus on something in front of them. Make sure your dog is on a leash, you don’t want him to get to the distraction. Hold on to the leash with one hand and with the other put a treat right by the dog’s nose and lead him away from the distraction. Say “Leave It” or “Look at me”. The goal is to have the dog turn his back on the distraction and look at you, preferably sitting.

When you are first starting to teach this, your dog will return to the distraction. You can repeat the exercise or remove the distraction/pick up the treats from the floor. “Leave it” is important to teach if your dog, so don’t give up and make this training exercise a rewarding one for you and your dog.