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How To Teach Touch Or Targeting

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How To Teach Touch Or Targeting

1. Show your hand to your dog.
2. When she touches it with her nose, say “Good” and treat.
3. Do this over and over until she is readily touching the hand.
4. When this happens, start saying touch when you show her your hand.
5. When she is readily “touching” you can move your hand around.

Why is teaching “touch” important?

Fetch is a fun trick to teach your dog and they can be trained to fetch most anything that they can fit in their mouths. Teaching your dog to “Touch” or hand target, is the first step in teaching your dog or puppy to touch or bring you specific objects. This video is a really simplified version of “touch” and the dog in the video already knew how to do it. It might take a lot longer with your own dog, but do not be discouraged. Remember, to be patient and start in small steps.  Once your dog knows the command move your hand in different positions and heights to help your dog generalize.