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How To Teach Dog To Potty On Command

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How to teach a dog or puppy to potty on command? Putting potty on cue or command is quite easy. Simply tell your dog “Go Potty” every time your puppy or dog goes potty. Then praise after they potty.

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Teach “Go Potty:”

  1. Watch your dog closely when you let her outside or when on a walk.
  2. Pay attention to her showing any signs that she is getting ready to pee.
  3. As soon as she squats or starts to lift leg say “Go Potty”
  4. Praise and reward after she does. Remember to avoid giving treats, so your dog does not learn to stop in the middle of going potty to get the treat.
  5. Do this every time she goes to the bathroom and soon she will start associating the word with her actions.

This command is so simple that I never knew that my own dog was trained to potty on cue. She is quite a princess and does not like to go outside when it is raining, which in Seattle it is quite a bit. So I wind up going out there with her and keep telling her “Pumpkin Go Potty!”. During filming, we were out and we were trying to get a dog to the just potty when we told them. I thought it would be funny to just try with my dog and she did it each time I asked her to potty. After a while, she just looked at me like “I am empty, are we done here?” It was really fun to see that she actually learned to potty on command!