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Test Your Dog With Tricks Per Second

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Test how well your dog knows his commands

1. This is a lot of fun to do with your dog!
2. Pick a time frame, I like 30 seconds.
3. See how many commends your dog can do in that time frame.
4. Next, try to increase the number of commands. This is how you know if your dog is getting better.

Training can be a game!

Out of curiosity or just to see how your dog’s training is going, you may want to try this fun game to check your dog’s recall abilities.  You can do it with treats but ONLY if your dog is just learning the commands. It is best if your dog can do the commands without treats and preferably without hand prompts.

The Game:

Example: see how many commands in 30 seconds. If your dog or puppy does 10 commands 30/10 = 3s/1command this means that it takes your dog 3 seconds to hear you and respond. By the way, this is one fast dog!

You want to increase how many commands your dog can do in that time frame if possible.

This exercise is great to do before a walk. Your dog will tire out and not pull on the leash as much. You are also teaching your dog urgency. Try changing your voice to sound more urgent. This way when you need your dog to do something, use your “urgent” voice to get him to do it right now. Like if your dog or puppy is running after a car, use your urgent voice to say “Sit, Down” to get the dog or puppy to stop.