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Things To Consider BEFORE Getting A Dog: Life Long Commitment

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Getting a dog should be a life long commitment. 

Your dog should be your pet for the rest of his life! Grey faces and low energy are no excuse to send him away. They will love you through so much and all they ask is for you to do the same.

How long will my dog live?

This is such an important thing to consider before getting a dog or puppy: Are you willing to have them for the rest of their life? This can be 10-13 years or more. They will love you and remain with you for their life and they need you to be there for the rest of theirs! Shelters are full of dogs who became “teenagers” and now their owner can’t handle them or have decided that they longer fit into their lives.  A puppy can be cute and little, but one must keep in mind that this is a temporary state and that you have a puppy for less than two years and an adult dog for the remaining years of their lives. Getting a puppy on impulse can be a huge mistake, a person must be able to provide the care and be able to plan ahead for life changes, such as expanding families and moves. Make sure the dog you get can accompany you on life’s adventures.  

 Shelters also have many old dogs who have medical issues or just not enough energy. Your dog getting older should not be a reason to surrender them to a shelter. There are organizations that can help with medical expenses for dogs, speaking with vets and animal shelters can help you get in contact with these resources. But honestly that is just something that we need to be aware of, dogs grow old! You can’t stop it and there is no breed out there who does not have some issues at old age.