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Things to Consider BEFORE Getting a Dog or Puppy: Vets and Groomers

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Who do you need to hire before bringing your dog home?  

Find a good vet, groomer and dog walker before you bring your dog home. The sooner you can introduce him to these three; the better those experience will be for him when he has to go visit them. You don’t want his first visit with the vet to be the neutering! Or a nail clipping at the groomer!

Do I need a groomer for my dog?

All dogs have basic hygiene needs that need to be met. All dogs need to be bathed and have their nails trimmed regularly, but some dogs also need to have their fur cut to avoid matting or to keep them fresh in the summer. If using a vet or groomer to get these needs met, I cannot stress this enough: introduce your dog or puppy to the vet and groomer BEFORE they need to go there. Many vets will allow you to just come in with your dog or puppy to get loves and treats. Groomers will let you come in to get brushed or just loved on. You want your dog to be relaxed when his first official visit happens. It is also important to find a groomer who are patient and take the needed time with your dog. This can be hard to find, but if you feel like your groomer is being too rough and is rushing through, say something or find a new one.

Why should you find a vet before you bring your new dog home? Your veterinarian is the first step in keeping your dog healthy. Everything from nutrition to cancer prevention, your veterinarian can keep your dog alive and healthy for a much longer time. It is absolutely important to find a veterinarian that you trust before you bring your dog to meet them. You do not want to bring your dog in just to see that you do not like the veterinarian. That can have an aversive reaction to your new dog. Ideally, you should find a veterinarian that you will be with for the rest of the dog’s life. This way your veterinarian will be able to tell when something is different in your dog’s health. They will know your dog’s normal health and be able to see any changes.

Why hiring a good pet sitter necessary? Emergencies happen all the time. When I spent my early years as a dog walker/pet sitter, I would have many calls from people who have had a family emergency and were not able to get home to their dog. I was not able to help these people because I never met the dog (can be very dangerous entering a home when you and the dog do not know each other) and most importantly I did not have a key to the house. Meet a pet sitter, before you need them. That way they will have access to your home, they will know your dog and be able to help you if you need them.