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Things To Consider BEFORE Getting A Dog Or Puppy: Time

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Dogs take time! Consider the time you will need to invest into your new dog. I recommend taking a couple of days to help your new dog get used to their new home. You might want to invest in a dog walker to help break up long days until your dog is fully house trained and is comfortable being left alone. You also have to take into consideration your travel schedule and make appropriate accommodations for your dog.

How much of your time does your new dog or puppy need?

Dogs and puppies need a lot of your time. If you are deciding to bring a new dog or puppy into your home, you should plan on spending at least a couple of days with them at home to help them get used to their new home.

Take into consideration the size and breed of your new dog to make sure that their exercise, mental stimulation and environmental needs will be met. Some breeds are happy laying around the house with minimal exercise, while other breeds may require more stimulation both physically and mentally.

Puppies will require a lot of time. You will need to do some house training and potty training before leaving your puppy alone. You will also need to crate train your puppy and introduce them to their dog walker. You will need to hire a dog walker if you are planning on going to work. A puppy needs to be let out to go potty every 2-4 hours!

If you have other dogs or other animals in the house, they will need some time to adjust as well. Always supervise their first interactions for the safety of your new pet and your old one(s).