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Dog Toy Review: KONG Wobbler Interactive Dog Feeder

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Active dog toy review:

Dogs are hard wired to forage and hunt for food. As owners, we need to provide some stimulation to let those behaviors out. Truffle and I (and King) love the KONG Wobbler. It can be a little messy, noisy and scary for the puppy at first, but we have seen so much behavioral improving with the maniac. The Wobbler is pretty much indestructible; it is made of a food-grade polymer which means it is safe for your puppy!! The unpredictable movement keeps the dog interested no matter how many times they ate out of it. We recommend an active toy like the KONG Wobbler to help stimulate your dog mentally which in return will help with behavior issues caused by boredom.

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Why chose the Kong Wobbler?

This toy is really a life saver. Truffle (our little puppy) was getting bored and causing all sorts of trouble. As soon as we started feeding him out of this toy a lot of his inappropriate behaviors stopped. He finally had an outlet for chewing and chasing! I really think this KONG-shaped Wobbler is a must have for all of the puppies.

Here are some other reasons why it is a great option:

  • Made of food-grade, high-strength polymer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Top screws off from bottom for easy filling
  • Comes in two sizes: S (fits 1/2 cup of food) and L (fits 1 cup of food)
  • Made in the USA

Review of the Kong Wobbler active feeder toy:

When Truffle was first introduced to the Kong Wobbler he was really afraid of it. It moved and it made noise and he was just not having any of it. So, I had to hold the toy and show Truffle that yummy things fell out of it. Once he understood that part, he absolutely loved the toy. Because the idea of the toy is to be moving unpredictable, it makes a lot of noise as it moves across your floors. It is not bad if it is on the carpet though. One other thing that I would just note, is because the toy is moving all over your floors and dropping food or treats as it goes, you will have dog slobber all over your floors. There is no way to prevent this.

The benefit of the Kong Wobbler way out weighs these couple of cons.

Truffle gets bored so quickly and then he tries to get me to entertain him and when you are working, unfortunately, you cannot just stop and play with your dog. So the maniac would then try to keep himself busy by looking for things to get into. He would go through things and then run around with any treasures that he found.

Once, we started feeding out of the Kong Wobbler though, a lot of these behaviors went away. The toy lets the dogs “scavenger” for food and makes them work for their food. This helps them stay mentally stimulated and sharp. Also, it eliminates boredom which is the number one cause of bad behavior in dogs.

The last thing, this toy is indestructible! Or at least for Truffle. he has yet to destroy it and we’ve had it as long as we have had Truffle.

Definitely, give this toy a try!