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Trupanion Shelter Health Insurance Certificate

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Chloe Gill is the lead specialist for Trupanion’s shelter support program.

What is Trupanion’s shelter support program?

We offer a certificate that provides immediate coverage post adoption that you can easily put it into your adoption pack you are providing to that family. You are already explaining so many things about what this pet has been through, what their history is, their behavior, talking about insurance is simply another element to how that family can be responsible.

How do you sign up for the shelter certificate program?

The program is very simple, very straightforward, free, no obligation, no exclusivity contracts, very easy to get started. It’s a simple certificate that we can talk to you about, provide information on so that the team has confidence in what they are providing but ultimately, it’s very simple. If you would like to provide these certificates within your adoption packs just give us a call or go online or email The benefit of working with an insurance company is you have the ability to educate the families about being proactive financially and being prepared so that that emergency costs for accidents and illnesses can be covered.