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Truth Behind Dogs In The Media

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Drayton Michaels, CTC is the owner of Urban Dawgs Dog Training in Red Banks, NJ. He also holds a Certification in Dog Training and Behavior Counseling from the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers (known as “the Harvard for dog trainers”). 

The truth behind dogs in the media: things aren’t what they might seem

I don’t think people want to beat up on dogs. I don’t think people want to bully dogs but sadly in mainstream media a lot of times it’s known as “rip and read”. They just take the information and then they read it and then that’s that and then they go on to the next story and they don’t investigate it.

You know if you look at any lethal or fatal dog bite incident there is always a criterion and that criteria are:

  • dogs left alone with children
  • dogs roaming loose
  • dogs chained in-house
  • domestic violence
  • fear and pain
  • usually NOT a family dog

So these are all human criteria that are attached to a lethal or fatal accident or biting incident. So if you just say, family dog kills a child and you go to the next story, you not doing justice to that story.

What can you do about the misinformation in the media?

The best way to combat media when they are, you know doing something about dogs that’s not accurate, is to contact them politely and respectfully and not yell and scream and blame them. But to give them that proper information, give them the criteria of why these lethal and fatal dogs bites occur. If you do that then at least you made an effort to educate them. Whether not they will come around, you know, I don’t know but at least you tired and didn’t just yell at them.