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What Should You Do When a Dog is “Dominant” Aggressive

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Dr. James C. Ha, Ph.D., CAAB is a professor of applied animal behavior at the University of WA and a certified applied animal behavior with over 30 years of experience in animal behavior teaching, research, consulting, and expert witness services.

What should you do if your dog is dominant aggressive?

The best thing to do when your dog is in that sort of really aggressive or aroused or negative state of mind, is usually a loud noise. You can grab the dog from behind, something to break their attention. We like water spray; we like loud noise. Getting in their line of vision. What you don’t want to do is reach in a collar or grab on to the animal. Cause they perceive that as an attack.

What is the proper intervention for dominant aggressive behavior?

If you suspect that your dog is dominant aggressive, please contact a Certified Animal Behaviorist right away. They are a lot more educated than a dog trainer and will be able to provide you with a solution. You want to find someone with an education from a University and experience. Ask them about both! Remember that most breeds don’t display dominance and act out of fear and anxiety, which must be dealt with to correct the behavior.

Here are some registries of behaviorist and dog trainers in your area: