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What Should You Do When A Dog (Or Cat) Is Missing

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Jenna Pringle is the marketing manager at Seattle Humane. To learn more about this amazing organization, please visit them and check out the amazing dogs that are available for adoption or foster.

What Should You Do When A Pet Is Missing?

So as soon as your dog goes missing, you should check locally first. Check with neighbors because often times they don’t go too far. Then you want to update your microchip information and let them know that they are a lost or missing pet. So, that if someone does find them and gets some scans they recognize that that pet is being looked for. You would want to contact your local animal shelter or animal control to see if your pet was found.

Steps to finding your missing dog (or cat):

  1. Contact your local shelter and animal control agencies.
  2. Search the neighborhood.
  3. Contact the microchip company and update your pet’s information.
  4. Contact local vets to see if anyone brought a dog in.
  5. Advertise on social media platforms, pet stores, and veterinary hospitals.
  6. Do NOT give up on your search! Miracles happen all the time.

Be wary of pet-recovery scams.

When talking to a person who is claiming to have found your pet, ask them to describe the pet before giving them any of your information. Be especially careful of people who insist on getting money from you before returning your dog.