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What To Do If You Cut Dog’s Nails Too Short

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What should you do if you cut dog’s nails too short and they are bleeding?

1. Don’t Panic, it happens to the best of us.
2. Keep your dog calm.
3. Apply some styptic powder onto the nail.
4. You can use cornstarch or flour as well.

How to stop my dog’s nails from bleeding?

Accidents can happen while trimming your dog’s nails, so its important to be prepared. There is no need to panic and upset your dog further, keep yourself and your dog calm. Use Buy Here Styptic Powder to stop the bleeding.

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Styptic powder is a staple tool of veterinarians and groomers. It should absolutely be in your First Aid kit for any type of bleeding. It is called Kwik Stop at some places. The kwik is the part that bleeds when you cut a nail too short. You can use it on nail cuts that are too short, when a dog injures their nails or for small wounds, although you should see a vet for anything that is not a simple nail cutting accident. The powder serves three basic functions:

1. It stops bleeding by promoting clotting
2. It has a topical pain relieving agent
3. Some veterinarians have powder that actually helps kill bacteria to prevent infections.

You simply wet your finger and then dip into the styptic powder and then apply it to the nail. You need to reapply the powder as the blood can rinse it away.

If you haven’t bought Styptic powder yet, corn starch or flour can be used in a pinch.