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What To Do When The Dog Is Not Coming When Called

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What To Do When The Dog Is Not Coming When Called?

You are at the park, and your dog is not responding to you calling him. When he finally runs back to you, the worst thing you could do is get upset. In his mind, he can only think back to the very last thing he did and associate that with the punishment. Instead, praise him and do additional work on his recall.

What to do if your dog is not coming when calling?

If you have not practiced recall in high distraction areas, you cannot expect your dog to come to you. The dog park and all of the dogs are way more exciting than getting leashed up and get put in the car. Nothing fun happens in the car! Instead, practice in low distraction areas first. Once he is proficient there, then you can start to increase distractions.

Before entering the dog park, practice commands. This practice can help your dog “remember” them. At the dog park, periodically call your dog over, grab the collar, give a treat and then let him go back to play. This will help your dog learn that just because mom or dad calls me, it does not mean that fun is going to stop.

If you have a dog who does not come to you when called, plan ahead. Say it takes you about 30 minutes to get the dog by your side and to get a leash on os start calling your dog to you 40 minutes before you leave. This way you will not be frustrated and upset. Practice calling and releasing for about 40 minutes, until it is time to actually go home.

Do not get mad at your dog!!

When the dog finally comes to you, do not get upset. It is hard not to. Believe me!! But if you are upset when the dog finally shows up, all you are teaching you dog is that you are upset when the dog comes to you. This makes him not want to come when you call him. So you are creating a dog with worse recall than before.