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What To Use As A Lure And Rewards

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What should I use as a lure and as a reward?

I like to start with food lure and then removing the lure after about 6-12 trials. However, you can use other things like toys or your empty hand. Start off with the lure becoming the reward and then replace it with life rewards like pets, going on walks, getting on the furniture, playing fetch and going to play.

What make effective lures in dog training?

When teaching a new behavior your dog may struggle to pay attention, a lure can help keep their attention focused on you and the task at hand. A lure can be a number of things, a favorite toy, ball and most commonly a food reward.

When first training basic obedience I recommend using treats to lure and reward your dog. However, to avoid making the reward or treat a bribe, get rid of the lure after 6-12 trials and use life rewards instead. After your dog or puppy does what you asked them to do, you can reward them with verbal praise, pets or play time. You can ask your dog to sit or down before being allowed to jump on the furniture.