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What You Won’t Learn On Why Does My Dog

Get Embed Code believes in helping your dog be everything you want them to be through mutual respect and better communication. We love dogs, and we know you love your dog and we believe that you want a stronger relationship that’s built on trust and love.

That is why on our website you will not be learning:

  • We will not teach you how to punish your dog. We do believe in consequences and short timeouts when needed, but in no way will we use fear and pain to punish our dogs.
  • We do not use negative reinforcement on Why Does My Dog. Negative reinforcement is when a dog stops a behavior because he wants to stop aversive stimuli. We want to avoid aversive stimuli as much as possible.
  • We firmly discourage people from using the choke, prong or electric collars. Those tools can cause more damage than they can do good in the hands of an inexperienced, uneducated and untrained dog owner.
  • We do not believe that our dogs are out to dominate us and to rule over us. Alpha and pack theories are outdated and do not apply to our modern dogs.
  • We will help you be confident in your ability to manage the dog without too many external tools.
  • We believe that all dogs are amazing and that not one breed is better than another.
  • We believe in cuddling and loving your dog.
  • Your dog was created perfect, with all of his quirks. We do not believe that you should create a little robot who walks on egg shells around you.