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When Not To Restrain Your Dog Or Puppy

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Should I restrain my dog when he freaks out?

Your dog may not have been properly handled when he was younger and now certain situations may cause anxiety and stress that your dog expresses in a disturbing manner. This may lead some people to think that their dog needs to be restrained during the situation, but most of the time it is not worth the trouble to restrain your dog. While there are can be dangerous situations when restraining your dog IS necessary, if there is no immediate danger to the dog or anyone else look for other solutions instead. Remember that it is not his fault that he was not handled properly when he was younger and his behavior is out of fear and not done on purpose to frustrate you. Restraining some dogs can make them even more freaked out and cause damage to your relationship with them. Call a professional instead while you work on habituation with your dog. Remember all habituation takes time and to remain positive during the process.