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Why Are Dogs Given Up

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Melody Stone is the adoption supervisor at Seattle Humane. To learn more about this amazing organization, please visit them and check out the amazing dogs that are available for adoption or foster.

Myth: Dogs in shelters have more problems.

One thing that we want to sort of like elevate the status of shelter dogs and the impression of peoples or people’s impressions of those shelter dogs is that they come in because they are bad or they are trouble makers. There are a plethora of reasons why animals come into shelters. Most of the time it’s no fault of the animal, it’s actually an owner who is trying to better the life of that animal. So whether .. maybe there’s something medical, maybe they couldn’t afford the medical care that another individual could easily pay for and then have a wonderful dog. Maybe it’s something like homelessness, which does affect people and especially in our economy now. We see more and more dogs coming into shelters because families just cannot afford their care. So, shelter dogs are a carte blanche as far as we are concerned. They really are amazing animals they are just looking for homes, and it’s just unfortunate issues that sort of brought them in here, and they’ll be fantastic pets for people.

Reasons why dogs are surrendered according to National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP)

  • Moving (7%)
  • Landlord not allowing pet (6%)
  • Too many animals in household (4%)
  • Cost of pet maintenance (5%)
  • Owner having personal problems (4%)
  • Inadequate facilities (4%)
  • No homes available for litter mates (3%)
  • Having no time for pet (4%)
  • Pet illness(es) (4%)
  • Biting (3%)

Only 3% of dogs entering shelters are due to behavioral issues. The odds are that when you rescue a dog from a shelter, you are going to get an amazing dog who wound up at the shelter at no fault of their own. Giving a shelter dog a chance can save his life and provide a wonderful dog with love and a home.