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Why Does My Dog Bark

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Who do dogs bark?

Dogs bark for many reasons. Protection, attention, excitement and some just like to hear themselves bark. Knowing why the dog barks is the key to solving the barking puzzle.

 Jeff Tinsley, who is the dog trainer at Sound Animals in Seattle, WA. He specializes in aggression and basic obedience training.

Why does my dog bark?

There are many reasons why a dog barks. One reason to pay attention to is your dog or puppy barking because they are ill or hurt. Some dogs will vocalize their pain because that is the only way they know how. Always rule out injuries!

Here are just some of the reasons that dogs bark from Labrador Training HQ (don’t worry they apply to all dogs):

  • Alarm Barking when your Labrador retriever (or any dog) is letting you know about an intruder.
  • Hello is a short high-pitched bark for anyone your lab or any dog is familiar with.
  • Play invite is an ‘arrrr-ruff’ or a double short bark is an invite for some play – usually accompanied by a play bow.
  • A high pitched and short yelp is usually a way of saying “ouch” – listen to your dog and stop what you are doing.

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