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Why Does My Dog Circle Before Going To Bed

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Why does my dog circle around in his bed?

In the wild, dogs had to make a comfy bed by patting down tall grass. This behavior would also drive out snakes and insects. This way making the sleeping spot safer. It also leaves a scent behind and a visual marker that this spot has been claimed.

What drives a dog to circle before laying down?

Your dog circling his bed is a normal dog behavior that is thought to be a remaining instinct from his ancestors. The instinct to circle before laying down can help a dog in the wild get comfortable and safe. You may also notice that your dog paws at his bed before laying down , this may also be a left over instinctual behavior to get to cool dirt on the hot days in the summer.

While this behavior is normal, if your dog can’t get comfortable and continues this behavior in a concerning way, call your veterinarian. This can be a sign of arthritis or other conditions.