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Why Does My Dog Play Bow

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Why do dogs play bow?

The play bow is an invitation for the other dog to play. His head should be down with bent elbows and his rear should be up with a relaxed tail. This posture is often assumed abruptly, as though the suddenness of the movement is part of the signal as well. You can initiate play with your dog by mimicking this posture.

Why does my dog play bow?

This is one of the most delightful doggy postures. It seriously means let’s play. You can get your dog or puppy all riled up by doing the play bow yourself. Add a goofy expression and some growling (if that does not scare your dog) and watch your dog get all excited to play. Playing is very important in your dog’s or puppy’s overall well-being, so encourage it and try to spend some time every day playing with your dog!