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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass – Is that Dangerous

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Why does my dog eat grass?

Dogs are actually omnivores and can eat anything. Grass can help fill a nutritional gap or help with digestion issues. Your dog could also just really like the taste of grass. This is not harmful unless there is fertilizer or pesticide on your grass. You can always call your vet if there are extra concerns.

Is it dangerous for my dog to eat grass?

It may look like your dog is part cow as he munches on grass, and you may be wondering how safe is it, or if there is something wrong with your dog’s diet. Modern Dog Magazine did a great interview with Dr. Michael Goldberg,DVM, DCHom, Hudson Place Veterinary Clinic regarding this issue – See more here. According to Dr. Michael Goldberg “Dogs do not have the means to digest grass, as they lack the enzymes needed to break down the fibres. Thus, there is little nutritional value in it for them. One reason for eating grass may be due to a feeling of nausea. It is possible that dogs learn this is a temporary solution for stomach irritation.” He also adds that some dogs just seem to really enjoy eating grass. Like they savor the flavor. Eating grass is not dangerous as long as there is no toxins such as herbicides or fertilizer on it. Dry grass can also be a hazard as it can be harder to eliminate and can cause vomiting. Some dogs eat grass because of obsessive compulsive disorders, but that is usually very rare.

Always call your vet if you have any questions and are seeing concerning behavior from your dog.