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Why Does My Dog Have Whiskers

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Why do dogs have whiskers?

Whiskers or vibrissae help the dog “see” objects more clearly even in the dark. They are highly sensitive and can pick up the smallest change in the air currents. With their whiskers, they can tell the size, shape, and speed of nearby objects. Whiskers are also involved in body language. Many dogs have their whiskers cut when they are groomed, which may temper with their send of spatial awareness.

Do dog’s whiskers serve a function?

Just as we use our fingers to explore the world around us, dogs use their faces and their whiskers are an important part of that exploration. They can use them to communicate, calculate if they will fit through space, help pick up small objects and much more. Getting their whiskers cut or removed is like us wearing snow gloves, while we can function it hampers our ability.

The good news is that whiskers grow back and you can instruct your groomer to leave them be, your dog will thank you!