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Why Does My Dog Kick Up Grass

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Why do dogs kick up grass after peeing and/or pooping?

Dog’s feet have a unique smell to them. They rub it all over the ground while kicking up their legs. This also leaves a visual representation to other dogs. It is all about claiming a spot.

Why does my dog kick up dirt or grass after pooping?

You may notice that your dog does a funny kick with his hind legs after using the bathroom, causing dirt and grass to fly into the air. This behavior is actually quite normal. A lot of dogs do this to cover up their mess. Kind of like us flushing the toilet. Leaving something like poop out in the wild could actually attract a predator, in this way the dog can kind of hide it to avoid someone bigger coming up and eating them.

Why does my dog kick up grass after peeing?

Dogs learn about the world through scent and they usually choose their peeing spot to serve two purposes; to go to the bathroom and to mark a territory. All dogs have glands in their feet that secrete pheromones, and a couple of backward scratches into the earth releases those chemicals claiming the spot as their own. It is all about who owns a particular patch of grass in the doggy world.

If you are worried about your dog destroying your yard, take them for a walk instead. This behavior can be almost automatic for some dogs and can be hard to break. So, to avoid damaging your grass just take them around the street for a walk.