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Why Does My Dog Lick Her Bed Or Toys

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Why does my dog lick her bed or toys?

Licking the bed and toys can be a sign of stress, anxiety, or some neurological disorders. Usually, this behavior is out of boredom, so try to stimulate your dog’s’ everyday life. Your dog could also just be cleaning the bed. You can consult a vet if this behavior changes or causes concern to you.

Why does dog lick objects?

Just like a person may fidget, bite nails or tap their fingers a dog licking can indicate that they are bored, anxious or stressed. It could also be as simple as a tasty spill on their bed or toys. If your dog has a history of licking you may need to change their environment to prevent boredom or anxiety to stop the behavior.

If the licking is a new behavior, check to make sure that the area they are licking is clean. If there is no visible reason to why your dog has begun to lick, no changes to the environment, contacting a specialist can help.  In some cases, it can be a sign of a medical issue so contacting your veterinarian may be necessary if the licking concerns you.