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Why Does My Dog Lick Another Dog

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Why does my dog lick other dogs?

Dogs lick each other because their mom used to lick them. There is some evidence that dogs can sense when the other dog is stressed or not be feeling well. They will try to comfort him with licking. Keep an eye out for any other behaviors that might point to your dog not feeling well.

What does it mean when my dog licks my other dog?

Dogs licking other dogs is a normal and natural behavior. Many dogs lick other dogs out of respect. Dogs who live together or who are buddies, may lick each other to groom or provide affection.

There are some cases where the sudden onset of licking another dog or other changes in the behavior may indicate a problem. From  “A dog who excessively licks the muzzle of his canine pal may be doing this because the dog has a tumor, cut or other medical need that requires attention and treatment.” So check in with your vet if there are any concerns.