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Why Does My Dog Not Lift His Leg While Peeing

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Why does my male dog not lift his leg while peeing?

It is actually quite common for male dogs not to lift their leg when they are peeing. Especially if they are marking something that is lower to the ground. Young dogs learn to lift their leg by watching other dogs lift theirs. They also learn when they are trying to mark something that is vertical.

Why does my male dog not lift his leg while peeing?

Most male dogs learn to lift their legs sometime from six to 12 months of age. However, some male dogs never learn this behavior and neutered dogs are more likely to squat to urinate than intact males. Don’t worry, your dog will learn in his own time if it is important to him. This is normal and does not make him less of a man in any way!

Fun fact: Truffle the Maniac did not lift his leg until he was about 1 year and 4 months old. He learned the behavior from his best friend Gabe after Gabe peed on his head!