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Why Should I Lure During Training

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Why should I lure during training?

Luring is efficient and very effective. It is the quickest way and the easiest. Most dogs are food motivated and will do anything for it. They quickly pick up the concept of following food. It is important though to get rid of the lure after 6-12 trials to avoid it becoming a bribe.

Should I avoid introducing lures since my dog can become too dependent on them?

From Ian Dunbar’s DogStarDaily “As the quickest, and one of the simplest of all training techniques, lure/reward training is the technique of choice for most owners to teach their dog basic manners. For behavior modification and temperament training, food lure/reward training should be mandatory.”

We are always in a hurry to do something, especially when it comes to resolving unwanted behavior in dogs. Luring and reward training is hands down the simplest (there are no tools or special techniques to use) and the easiest (anyone can give a dog a reward).  If we want to see results faster we need to make sure our dogs have the motivation, treats and lures usually hold the most motivation for dogs.

Lures and treats don’t have to become a handicap if used appropriately. Keep in mind with luring you need to get rid of the lure after 6-12 times, so the lure does not become a bribe. You should still reward.