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Can dogs eat leftovers

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Can Dogs Eat Leftovers?

Oh boy, can they ever! But before we dive into the yeses and nos of canine culinary delights, let’s get one thing straight: human food is not a substitute for dog food. Your furry friend needs a balanced diet specifically formulated for their age, size, breed, and health status.

Now, about those leftovers… small amounts are okay, but we’re talking tiny bits here, folks! Think scraps from your plate, like chicken or beef, cooked without added salt, seasonings, or onions. Avoid giving them: * Bones (unless they’re specifically labeled as edible for dogs) * High-fat foods like fried meats or dairy products * Raw or undercooked meat, eggs, or fish * Onions, garlic, chives, or leeks (can cause anemia in dogs) * Grapes, raisins, currants, or sultanas (toxic to canines)

Some human foods are actually good for dogs, like: * Carrots (in moderation, as they’re high in sugar) * Green beans * Pumpkin (cooked and without seeds or stems) * Sweet potatoes (cooked and without added butter or salt)

Remember, always check with your vet before introducing new human foods to ensure they won’t cause any digestive issues or allergic reactions.

And don’t forget: a balanced diet is still crucial, so make sure to provide your pup with their regular meals, too!

Check with your local vet for more specific advice on what human foods are safe for your furry friend and how much you can give them.


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