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Can dogs eat scuppernongs

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Can Dogs Eat Scuppernungs?

Oh, dear friend! We’re so excited to help you with that question!

Scuppernungs are a type of grape-like fruit, and while they might look irresistible to your furry friend, it’s essential to know if they’re safe for canine consumption.

The Short Answer:

No, dogs should not eat scuppernungs. Like grapes, scuppernungs contain compounds called resveratrol and tartaric acid, which can be toxic to dogs. Consuming even a small amount of these fruits can cause symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and in severe cases, kidney failure.

Why Scuppernungs Are Bad for Dogs:

As with grapes, the toxicity in scuppernungs is due to their high concentration of tannins, which are naturally occurring compounds that can be harmful if ingested. When a dog eats scuppernungs, these tannins can cause damage to the kidneys and lead to kidney failure.

What Else Should You Know?

  • Grapes and raisins: These fruits contain similar toxic compounds, making them equally dangerous for dogs.
  • Other similar fruits: Fruits like currants, goji berries, and elderberries may also pose a risk to your dog’s health. Always check with your vet before introducing new foods or treats.

What You Can Do:

To keep your furry friend safe:

  1. Keep scuppernungs out of reach: Store them in sealed containers or bags to prevent accidental ingestion.
  2. Monitor your dog’s behavior: If you catch your dog trying to eat something, intervene promptly and offer a suitable alternative treat.
  3. Consult with your vet: If you suspect your dog has ingested any toxic fruits, seek immediate veterinary attention.


Always prioritize your dog’s health and safety! If you’re unsure about what foods or treats are safe for your furry friend, consult with your local veterinarian for personalized advice.

Check with Your Local Vet:

For more specific guidance on your pet and situation, please consult with your trusted veterinarian. They’ll be happy to help you make informed decisions about your dog’s diet and overall well-being!


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