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Can dogs eat spiral ham

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Can Dogs Eat Spiral Ham?

Oh boy, are you wondering if those tasty spiral hams on your holiday table are safe for your furry friend to chomp on? Well, let’s dig in (pun intended)!

Short Answer: In moderation, yes! But don’t go crazy with the ham, as it can be a bit of a treat overload.

Longer Explanation:

Spiral hams are basically glazed pork shoulder rolls. While dogs can technically eat small amounts of cooked, boneless pork, it’s essential to consider a few things:

  1. Preservatives and additives: Some spiral hams may contain added preservatives or nitrates/nitrites, which aren’t good for your pup. Always check the ingredient list!
  2. Glazes and seasonings: Those sweet, sticky glazes can be a real treat-temptation for dogs. While small amounts won’t harm them, excessive consumption might lead to tummy troubles.
  3. Portion control: Treats are meant to be just that – treats! Don’t overdo it, or your pup might get an upset stomach or even pancreatitis.

Tips for Serving Spiral Ham to Dogs:

  1. Keep it in moderation: Limit the amount of ham given to your dog, making sure it’s not more than 10% of their daily calorie intake.
  2. Choose a nitrate-free option: Opt for a spiral ham with no added nitrates or nitrites for your pup’s health and safety.
  3. Avoid the glaze: Let your dog have a small piece of cooked, glazed spiral ham, but make sure they don’t get too much of that sweet, sticky stuff.

What About Other Ham-Related Concerns?

  • Ham bones: While dogs love chewing on bones, ham bones can be tricky. Make sure to remove any bones from the spiral ham before serving it to your pup.
  • Leftovers: If you’re planning a holiday feast with lots of ham, consider cooking more than you need and saving some for later. This way, you can control the portion sizes and avoid overfeeding your dog.

Final Tips:

Remember, every dog is different, so always consult with your veterinarian if you have specific concerns or questions about what’s best for your furry friend!

Before serving spiral ham to your pup, please check with your local vet for personalized advice tailored to their unique needs and situation. Happy holidays!


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